I became a natural scientist. I became a sustainability manager.
And found - the individual and his immeasurable potential to change the world for the better.

Scientific education

Abitur (the German certificate of general qualification for university entrance)
Städtisches Gymnasium im Schulzentrum Aspe, Bad Salzuflen
B.Sc. Biologische Diversität & Ökologie 

Brigham Young University, Ruprecht-Karls Universität Heidelberg, Georg-August Universität Göttingen
M.Sc./ M.I.N.C. International Nature Conservation
Lincoln University NZ, Georg-August Universität Göttingen


Tasks in the economy

2020-Heute: Gründer & Inhaber Tito Rehse
Organizational and leadership development, mediation
2021-Today Head of Sustainability and Communication Dr. Zwissler Holding AG
2016-2021: Corporate sustainability manager Dr. Zwissler Holding AG


Corporate Responsibility Manager
May 2015, concern GmbH Köln & campus Akademie Bayreuth

Corporate Responsibility Reporting
March 2017, concern GmbH Köln
Change Managerment
Februar 2017, Tiba Managementberatung GmbH München
Positive Psychology in Business
März – Dezember 2018, Corporate Happiness GmbH München
Positive Psychology for Leaders
Oct 2019, Corporate Happines GmbH München
Certified Business Mediator
April – Dezember 2019, Zweisicht Freiburg
PERMA-Lead Auditor
March 2021, Dr. Markus Ebner, Wien

Ich lebe mein Leben in wachsenden Ringen,
die sich über die Dinge ziehn.
Ich werde den letzten vielleicht nicht vollbringen,
aber versuchen will ich ihn.

Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926)

The way I do things

well prepared
rolled-up sleeves
with heart
no multi-tasking (it's a myth) 


Starting a family
crossed Germany by bike

Livin in America
Field research in Madagascar
studying and hiking in New Zealand


If not work, then ...

Hiking & Adventuring
Designing content & form




hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (2650 miles)
swimming with humpback whales
more New Zealand




Why do they call me TITO?

Tito is a nickname given to me by my little brother when we were both young.

He couldn't pronounce my name. What came out stuck.
The rest is history.

Apart from the unflattering reference to a Yugoslav dictator, I like the name very much. It sounds like what I want to be: a cheerful exclamation mark.