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Vulnerability & Compassion

The most valuable alternative future of your organization
is based on a conflict-preventive approach to
vulnerability and compassion in everyday corporate life.


I do not see everything. I do not know everything.  My decisions & actions are not perfect.  My fellow human beings are the same. The systems we design together potentiate these gaps.
We face all of this with clarity and the will to improve things where they can be improved. And I am ready to start with myself.


The feelings and needs of my fellow human beings have meaning for me.
I strive to empathize with those around me and am willing,
to alleviate their suffering. I always do that when it is in my power, without harming myself and for a common well-being.

New and for the first time in Germany:
Training on vulnerability and compassion in organizations


2-day training
also for mediators according to ZMediatAusbV and Bundesverband
Mediation e.V.
at Zweisicht in Freiburg im Breisgau



Organizations as spaces of human experience

Myths of vulnerability

Guilt and shame in everyday corporate life

Reflection as a team resource

Authenticity and resilience as processes

Fallibility and culture of error

Options for action to increase connection and compassion in organizations


A conscious approach to vulnerability and compassion
is a basic requirement for entrepreneurial success
in a world that is constantly changing.
You want conflict-preventative speed?
Start here and harvest the following:


I recognize where I come from, where I am and where I want to go. I recognize what essential basis each individual will need to drive our common cause into the future.

Simply jumping is reckless. Knowing the risks of the jump and then jumping is courageous. Clarity yields possibilities and possibilities yield progress.

Protecting my fellow human beings and promoting their strengths is a form of leadership that moves me forward myself and gives our team an unparalleled agility. We know and protect our boundaries.

Since we know what makes us strong, what doors are open to us and how we can storm summits together, we have learned to deal with setbacks and adversity. They are part of it - we will use them.

We can unfold our potentials, never stop learning, and are able to apply our progress to paths to ever new worlds. These worlds we seek and find together.

I consciously base the contents of my training and my consulting services on the insights and experiences of Otto Scharmer, Dr. Peter Kruse, Monica Worline & Jane Dutton, Brené Brown, Adam Grant, Simon Sinek,
Gerald Hüther and many more.

Imagine your life was set on the mountain.

Leading yourself, your family, your team or your organization in this world of change is like hiking mountains into the unforeseeable distance.

Obviously, it takes imagination, a goal, a plan, preparations and, of course, skills.
But it also needs the love for the adventure itself and the attitude to hold a human space in it.

On a thru-hike like this you get to know yourself, your fellow men and your surroundings very quickly and very well.

It takes that because circumstances and conditions can change suddenly and everyone's stamina is tested to the bone.

This has also been evident in this time of socio-economic polycrises and has made it clear to leaders within the business community that companies also need to be understood much more as spaces of humanity.

When corporate boundaries blur, networks run hot, crises break in, hearts falter and the last good comrades-in-arms are being searched for, a conscious approach to vulnerability and compassion has become a necessary pattern break for entrepreneurial success.

Niemand würde – in den Seilen hängend – sein Team gegen die Felswand schlagen, um den Gipfel allein zu erreichen.  Niemand sieht in dem ersten Gipfel das Ende, sondern nur viele weitere Gipfel (und Herausforderungen, deswegen bist du doch auch hier oben, oder nicht?).

No one would abandon themselves, members of their family and or team just like that.

And no one today will be able to lead a team, let alone an organization, without leveraging the potential of everyday collaboration and connection.

For your adventure I wish you much joy, foresight and strength. Gladly I stand by you, if you like.


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