Business Meditation & Conflict Resolution


In Lewis Caroll's lesser-known work, "Alice Behind the Mirrors", the Red Queen takes the girl by the hand and begins to run. But no matter how much the two run, they can't get away.

To the childish bewilderment, the queen replies, "In this country, you have to run as fast as you can if you want to stay in the same spot."

Conflicts can have the same effect: they rob us of our strength, overpower us, and leave us with no prospect of meaning or peace. The essentials fall by the wayside.

Other conflicts, on the other hand, seem so cold, empty, and yet so obvious, like an untraveled concrete intersection in the middle of the most beautiful landscape.

Conflicts cost you:

  • Attention, time and resources in the team
  • Working atmosphere & quality of life
  • Internal and external relationships
  • Productivity and process stability
  • Reputation & quality of the employer brand
  • Innovative power
  • Severance & recruitment costs, if applicable
  • consulting and court costs, if applicable
  • training time for a new employee filling the spot, if necessary


Mediation is a process
in which a neutral third party supports the conflicting parties to self-effectively find a solution to their conflict.



  • Significant savings compared to court
    or arbitration proceedings
  • Flexible, highly customizable process
  • Appropriate consideration of all points of view
  • Eigenverantwortliche & selbstbestimmte Suche einer Win-Win-Lösung, keine Entscheidung durch Dritte, keine Kompromisssuche
    and no bargaining
  • Positive impact on collaboration efficiency
    Zusammenarbeit & Beziehungsqualität
  • Reduction of emotional costs
  • High confidentiality
    (Protection of trade secrets,
    no loss of reputation, no press)



  • As a certified mediator I guide your clarification process confidently 
  • I am responsible for the confidential conduct of the conversation, the framework, as well as preparation and follow-up.
  • I honor the interests, feelings, and needs of all parties to the conflict and promote the self-efficacy of the individual
  • In doing so, I proceed in an appreciative, empathetic and impartial manner

Stages of mediation

Order clarification
Solution options
Implementation support


Depending on the conflict, mediation takes three to four times 3.5 hours (10.5 to 14 hours in total).
In addition, approximately 3
to 3,5-hour follow-up appointments at increasing intervals are common.



I recommend to check the agreements made in follow-up meetings to make sure they are suitable for everyday life.
There is usually a need for further discussion afterwards.


Each conflict is to be considered and accompanied highly individually.
Feel free to contact me personally and get a first impression of me and the essence of mediation.

Where would we end up
if everyone said
where would we end up
and no one went
to see
where we would end up
if we went.

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