tito rehse 

better is human.

The most valuable alternative future of your organization
delivers shared value
by unfolding all of its humanity.

Sustainability from the inside out

The best sustainability management is integrated into every corner of the organization.
Es hebelt den systemischen Mehrwert anhand des Produktes und des Produkterzeugers (des Menschen) mit mitreißender Klarheit. Und es beginnt von INNEN  – keine  SDGs ohne IDGs.

Humane organizational development

You don't conquer the age of the machine with workshops and tools.
Your future, your speed and your success lie in your ability
to expand attitude and awareness.

Positive Psychology & Leadership

The tragedy of the commons does not break itself. By developing the whole person and leading from a common future, we can make it.

Vulnerability & Compassion

Increasingly, organizational speed is a function
of interpersonal skills, a conscious approach towards
vulnerability and compassion is a basic prerequisite for success.

Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Healing without clarity is coincidence.
Clarification without empathy is robotics.
Communication without openness is propaganda.

I imagine a world where any progress is only one person away.

In this world, the most valuable alternative future
jedes Unterfangens im kreativen Spannungsfeld zwischen der Entfaltung UND Verbundenheit des Einzelnen.

I want to inspire people to
design communities
which explore the world in its entirety
and which lovingly change it for the better. 

Compassion and optimism form my whole being.
Thorough analysis gives me the edge I need. 
Devotion and expressions of devotion bind all my attention.
A spirit of adventure and discovery give me every movement. 



The infinite

Autonomy &

courageous &

Poised &


Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

Peter Drucker (1909-2005)

Short profile

Systemic Organization Developer
    (nascent: SWF, Heidelberg)
Change Manager
    (Tiba Business School, München)
Certified Business Mediator
    (Zweisicht, Freiburg i.B.)
Franklin Covey Trainer
    (Franklin Covey Germany)
Experte: Positive Psychologie
    (Corporate Happiness, München)
    (Dr. Markus Ebner, Wien)
Sustainability Manager
    (concern Köln, Universität Bayreuth)
Natural Scientist
    (ua. Lincoln University, NZ)
    (Course: Gerald Hüther)
Abenteurer & Wandersmann